Prices for 2018: All sessions are booked and paid in advance on a calendar monthly basis





1st 3 Introduction Private sessions R450 pp per session
Private session 1 participant R700 pp per session
Private Duet 2 participants R350 pp per session
Small group session 5 participants R225 pp per session


R200 pp per session 2 x per week


06:00PrivatePrivate DuetGroup Mixed LevelGroup Mixed LevelGroup Mixed Level
07:00PrivatePrivate DuetPrivate DuetPrivate Duet
07:30Group Mixed Level
08:00Yoga Mixed Level GroupGroup Mixed LevelGroup Advanced
08:30Group Intermediate AdvancedGroup Mixed Level
09:00Group BeginnersGroup BeginnersGroup Beginners
09:30Private DuetPrivate Duet
16:00Private DuetPrivate DuetPrivate Duet
16:15Group Mixed LevelGroup Mixed Level
17:00Group Mixed LevelPilates 30 mins
Yoga 30 mins
17:15Group Mixed Level

Please note: The studio does not offer Pilates matwork only classes.


Matwork is included during a session along with apparatus





The studio is equipped with the following apparatus:-




Cadilac / Towers


Wunda chairs


High chair


All barrels: small, spine corrector and high ladder barrel


Swedish bars


Pedi poles


Magic circles